Furniture Painting Classes

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I receive many requests regarding my furniture painting classes.  Thus, I created this post just for you!  I teach many types of furniture painting classes to include Chalked Country Furniture Paint, General Finishes Milk Paint, and Amitha Verma Furniture Paint.

Chalk Country Paint classes are held on a rotating basis at 2 different locations  Timeless Designs Market in Cypress and Easel Street in Tomball.  Learn how to use chalking paint and waxes to antique your furniture. Contact Susanna to RSVP.

General Finishes Milk Paint classes are usually held at Timeless Designs Market  or at Woodcraft.  Learn how to use their Milk Paints, antique with Glaze effects and create many of the hottest trendy looks in interior decorating today.  Contact Timeless Designs Market at 713-409-794 or Woodcraft to RSVP.  *

Amitha Verma Furniture Paint Classes are held at Village Antiques in Houston.  Learn the easy 3 step process to finish a piece with a luxurious designer look in no time at all.  Contact Village Antiques to RSVP at 713-468-3931. *


All classes must be RSVPéd and paid, due to high demand and limited seats.  *No promotional offers accepted for payment.

To view upcoming class schedule, go to Hope and Happiness Vintage Furniture,  Find “Events” and click “Subscribe”


Thank you and I hope to see you in class!IMG_3351


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