Services Offered

Custom Furniture Services: 

Please email a photo(s) of your furniture for a quote to  Include a photo(s) of the piece(s) as well as a few pictures of your inspiration.  The more photos the better.

Prices are for labor only.  Materials are an additional charge.  I prefer to use premium chalk or milk  paint.  Special applications and techniques may call for additional materials.  If you are unsure of your color or style, I would be happy to provide you a complimentary consultation on Skype or local in Houston area.

I love making your furniture wishes come true!

Painting Class Services

  • I teach classes monthly from basic painted furniture class to advanced faux techniques with either milk or chalk paint at various locations.
  • I will also teach a class in your home.  (Minimum 5 people for 1 home class.)
  • I teach private lessons

Home Décor Services

  • Do you need vases for wedding centerpieces, gifts,IMG_1368 or for your home? Let me customize a vase package for you.


Does not include flowers (Visual display purpose ONLY).

  • Do you need frames (with or without glass and backing) for your home, event, or party? Let me customize a frame packet for you.



How about table cards, table numbers, or chalkboard frames?  I can create a custom package.  Just let me know what color, size, and how many you need.


Thank you for letting me help you!

Hope and Happiness Always, Susanna

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